VERTEX #15534

Our Mission

We want to rejuvenate our age-old campus with technology and vitality.

We want to educate our people with both humor and knowledge.

We want to let hi-tech be tangible and fun to all people in our community.

FTC is much more than just robotics!

About Us

We are an extremely passionate and diverse team, with members from all over the world and specializing in many different aspects. These, combined with our dedication, makes us an incredibly competitive team.

Our Team Leaders

Vincent Xiao
Mechanical Captain

With over 6 years of mechanical experience, Vincent, 14, is our Lead Mechanical Designer. In addition to having participated in all levels of FIRST and VEX robotics, Vincent has also built robots for the SeaPerch and ROV MATE underwater competitions. His robot designs have won multiple regional and state championships and have qualified his team for the world championship 6 times. Not only does he enjoy doing robotics, but he also spends time helping others; having coached multiple VEX IQ and FLL teams. He is also a counselor for many STEM related programs at numerous locations. Vincent is very excited to continue doing robotics here on VERTEX as the Mechanical Lead.

David Song

David is a sophomore from Shanghai, China. Having been enthusiastic about robotics throughout his middle school years, his greatest disappointment at Exeter was that it did not have a large-scaled robotics team that he could learn robotics in. Therefore, David decided to start this FIRST Tech Challenge team with some other students in order to give students on this campus a chance to do robotics. David has been working on Computer Aided Design for one year.

Neil Chowdhury

Neil Chowdhury is a ninth grade student at Phillips Exeter Academy. Neil has started robotics in fifth grade with FIRST Lego League, where he led a team of 5 students. In addition, his FTC team from Washington received the Interleague Championship Finalist Alliance award and participated in the state level competition. Neil is thrilled to continue doing Robotics with Team VERTEX and is happy to bring the robot to life with his programming skills.

Penny Brant

Penny is an 11th grader at Phillips Exeter Academy, her passion for computer science is shown through her various projects on campus to convenient student life - some working with FTC robots! She has had plenty of experience with robotics through FLL, FTC, ROV MATE, VEX and SeaPerch and is very excited to work on VERTEX as the chief programmer. Penny loves to spread her passion for robotics and STEM - she is a coach of the FLL team at the University of New Hampshire and has taught over 1000 girls around China the basics of JAVA and EV3 programming through her non-profit initiative WeHack2.


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