January 11, 2019

Why FIRST Tech Challenge?

We believe strongly in gracious professionalism, in the power of teamwork, and in organization. By participating in FTC, we are committing ourselves to a competitive activity that places emphasis on teamwork, respect, and hard work. FTC has pushed us to work better together, to work well under stress, and to be organized. Ultimately, it has brought all of our team members together to learn and have fun!

“I genuinely enjoy learning and engineering and being part of a team that represents more than just myself.” – Joy

“I use FTC as an instrument to reach out to the community. I want to show people the joy of STEM!” – Celine

“I enjoy robotics and the family bond that FTC creates.” – Kai

“FTC has taught me entrepreneurial values that will be useful for life!” – Neil

“FTC taught me the important values of communication and leadership.” – David S.


And what does FIRST mean to us?

FIRST is all the hours spent in the lab, perfecting and polishing every single aspect of the robot. It’s the smiles we get through community outreach events. It’s all the late nights people stayed up working, eating cup noodles, overnight pizza.

Is that it?

Well, not exactly.

FTC is all the other nice teams we met at the scrimmages. It’s the team spirit that we will always stay together, no matter if we win or lose the next game. ‘Cause our team is a family and a family sticks together no matter what. Every friendship, connection, and team we meet – becomes our role models, inspirations. Every entry, CAD model, line of code, and every nut and every bolt – our best memories, of joy, encouragement, passion. FTC is a life-changing experience.

Now that we have found what FIRST means to us,

Find out what it means for you!