Diversity Without a Backbone

Over our past year as a team we have realized every week we see normally the same set of people in our school’s design lab and STEM clubs. Through talking to other students we have realized that some students don’t even know where the design lab is. What we do know though is that the majority of campus at least glances at the school’s newspaper, the Exonian, which is one of the longest running high school newspapers in the United States. We decided to publish a series of op-eds around ethics and STEM in the Exonian. We decided that ethics would have a larger reach than a STEM news article that might only be read then people that are already interested in STEM, and could allow us to talk about complex ethical topics without having to lose detail for a general audience. Our first op-ed, Diversity Without a Background, was published as the first op-ed by the 2020 Exonian board and coincided with the Exonian’s MLK day issue. We hope to maintain a long term partnership with the Exonian to promote our values of an ethical and inclusive approach to STEM.

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