PRINT4OURLIVES – The fight against COVID-19

There have been many programs circulating around which allow people to print face shields during this pandemic. However, we recognize that in these difficult times, not everyone has access to resources such as a 3D printer. Many people are struggling with basic needs, such as food and water, and those who are affected are faring Read more about PRINT4OURLIVES – The fight against COVID-19[…]

ESSO Robotics at the YMCA

Since we taught kids at YMCA about robotics last year, we established a new club dedicated to introducing LEGO Mindstorms to elementary school students. Every Wednesday, a small group of our team members commuted to the local YMCA to host a robotics program in conjunction with an existing after school program for elementary schoolers. Week Read more about ESSO Robotics at the YMCA[…]

International Summer Programs!

Computing Course – in Thailand! Over the summer, our outreach member, Panda, hosted a free Programming and Computer Science Theory summer course for over 80 students in Thailand. Through this two weeks summer session student ages 8-16 were able learn programming and create their own small projects. They were also able to attend Technology Seminars Read more about International Summer Programs![…]