June 12, 2019

Apply for the 2019-20 FIRST Tech Challenge Season!

Thank you for your interest in team VERTEX. Unfortunately, applications are only open to current Phillips Exeter Academy students.

Our team has two main categories – Technical and Non-Technical. The Technical portion of our team includes the Mechanical and Programming subgroups, while the Non-Technical encompasses Engineering Notebook and Community Outreach.

The Mechanical Subgroup is in charge of designing and building the robot, in addition to custom manufacturing parts with CAD. The Programming Subgroup is in charge of programming the Autonomous portion of the game and the controls for the Tele-Operated period.

The Engineering Notebook(EN) team has the role of compiling, editing, and formatting our notebook, while the Community Outreach(CO) subgroup is in charge of planning and documenting all outreach activities.

If you wish to apply for the Technical portion of our team, whether for Mechanical or Programming, please fill out this form:


Please note that we will not review applications until after club night.

If you have any questions, please email the corresponding team lead of the subgroup you are most interested in:

Mechanical/Electrical/CAD: Vincent Xiao, [email protected]
Programming: Neil Chowdhury, [email protected]
Community Outreach/Engineering Notebook/Other: Penny Brant, [email protected]